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You will learn to make sense of problems by breaking them down into smaller areas so that you can see how they are connected and how they can affect you. This includes looking at your thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and actions in reaction to a situation.


You will probably be asked to keep a diary so that you can identify how you react to certain events. This will help you to identify patterns of thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and actions, and see if they are unrealistic or unhelpful.


You and your therapist then work together to make changes. Once you've learnt to identify negative patterns, you'll be asked to practise replacing negative thoughts with positive ones during everyday events. This isn't always easy but using CBT techniques you can try out different behavioural approaches in real situations, which can help to bring about changes. You won't be asked to do anything that you don't feel comfortable with.


CBT aims to provide you with the insight and skills to improve your quality of life. Once therapy has finished, you will be able to practise and develop on your own what you have already learnt.